Equibalancer complete balanced equine feed supplements for optimum health, take the guess work out of feeding because we have done it all for you.

All Equibalancer supplements have been developed to provide the complete daily ration of vitamins and minerals in one simple to use powder supplement, they also contain a gut balancer which aids the absorption of nutrients thorough the digestive system allowing the horse to maximise the compete feed ration and maintain a healthy digestive track. Uniquely all the supplements also contain a high level of fish oils that aid mobility and joint function along with improving condition of the skin and coat.

Equibalancer provide products suitable for all horses and ponies from happy hackers to performance horses and competition ponies including those with specific and complex dietary needs including Thoroughbred horses training and re-trained.

Supplement Who uses:

Thoroughbred Formula

–          Horses during and post training

–          Horses who show signs of stress

–          Horses who are highly strung

–          Those who show signs of digestive imbalance


Show and Glow


–          Improve condition

–          Add shine to coat

–          Reduce stress in ridden work

–          Improves attention and focus




–          General riding horses and ponies

–          Delivers complete vitamin and mineral requirement

–          Ideal for delivering a complete source of vitamins and minerals for horses on a limited diet


Healthy Hooves


–          Improved hoof growth

–          Stronger hoof wall

–          Reduce shoe loss




–          Competition horses and ponies in medium work and above

–          supports muscle development

–          Beneficial for optimum health in performance horses


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