Our range of feed balancers have been developed to fill the nutritional gaps in that appear in conventional equine diets, each balancer is designed for the specific nutritional needs of equines in varying stages of development and training.

Equibalancer supplements do not contain the fillers and use processing methods that are required to produce a pelleted balancer therefore only a small quantity is required to fulfil the complete nutritional needs.

We are often asked why balancers are required in the diet.

A feed balancer is aconcentrated nutrient dense supplementary feed containing essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements that they may not otherwise be gaining from their diet whatever the reason, because feed balancers are fed in small quantities the sugar and starch levels are negligible making them suitable for horses requiring low sugar and starch diets.

Equibalancer feed balancers all contain both pre and probiotics to support gut health and aid optimum nutritional absorption.

Unique to Equibalancer we use no fillers, bulking agents, cereals, molasses or alfalfa in our balancers, they are highly palatable and suitable for horses suffering from many common allergies or in need of a low sugar, low starch diet. If a horses body is working at an optimum health level internally then externally the skin, coat, feet and general condition will improve as well.

Equibalancer produce a range of balancers depending on the individual needs of horses and ponies use the quick guide to find the most suitable product for your needs.

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