10th October 2018

Amazing opportunity we are looking for new supported riders for 2019 are looking for two riders/ handlers/ owners to join our team for 2019, one junior and one senior (junior will need parental agreement and assistance in social media). We will offer the successful pair a year’s supply of suitable products with support through the year plus a branded rug, numnah, clothing and a photo shoot. In return we will ask that you complete a regular blog on how your year is going, tag us in social media posts and provide reviews on the products that you have been supplied with.

If you feel that this opportunity is for you then please like our facebook page, like, share and comment on this post with a current picture of you with your horse/pony and in 25 words why you would be suitable.

We are not necessarily looking for someone competing at a high level or in any particular discipline just those with a passion for horses, good use of social media and enthusiasm for this opportunity.

The first round of this competition will run until the 25th November when a shortist of 10 junior and 10 senior applicants, who will then be asked to submit a short Bio, by the end of November we will have shortened or list again this time to 5 in each section, this time the finalists will be sent a months supply of a suitable supplement and asked to show us how we will work together through 2019 the winners will be announced on 27th December